Film production paris

Film production paris

Start making your film with us.

With the availability of modern technologies, anyone can make a homemade film. You just need how to handle a digital camera. But when it comes to professional shooting of a feature, it’s a big challenge from start to finish. The bigger producer in Hollywood will agree with this statement. Yet, no matter the difficulty, we can help with various aspects of film production Paris and we operate even with tight budget constraints.

What are our services of film production Paris ?

Firstly, we’d like to mention that it’s not out the realm of possibility to make a great TV show, play, music video with a light structure. In this filming industry, you notice some low budget films which have grossed ten millions of dollars just because their script and actors were appealing to viewers and buyers. Choosing the right cast (director, executive producer, cinema photographer, actors, stylists, hair and make-up artists…) is then the bulk of the job. You need to have great talents and producers with practical skills, a good eye and a good relationship. It’s not easy to find all that.

But as a film production Paris, we can coordinate this first part of the development of your project. It turns about analyzing your script and your budget and organizing the casting and the crew members. We have contact with talented and charismatic film actors and a vast network of directors, photographers, and full production crew to help us through this selection of promising material for the development of your project.

Location scouting and film permits.

Production value is based also on convenient locations. Skimping on this matter can give an amateurish feel to your film. So whether you’re shooting a big or small production, you need to look for a potential location and get in touch with the local firm office. But that is also another big hurdle if you’re not in the area even if it’s possible to virtually scout a location. It takes not only your time but it requires also patience.

Working with a film production Paris makes things easy for you since we can tour a location and capture pictures of the right place on a budget. Once you find your favorites in the given area, we can help with the film authorization and the French regulation. We counsel also on copyrights and distribution rights, special insurance, contracts, visa… And last but not the least, you probably don’t know where to rent a camera and the material for the shooting, and things about the wardrobe, we can also assist with this part of your film-making process. We know that you cannot afford to buy video materials for your shooting, but we can find the best deals on camera package, sound equipment and film supplies for your project.

We can also provide information about where to buy and hire costume items etc. So, we handle various aspects of your project to let you simply think about the financial backing and marketing your film. Do not hesitate to contact us!