Production film France

Production film France

Production film France : all you need to know.

If you are interested in the French heritage and culture, and want to make a feature or a live action in this beautiful country of ours, and if your project showcases French cultural elements, landmarks, locations, crew and sources, you can be eligible to the 30 % tax rebate. For this project, our platform of production film France can provide assistance.

What are our specialties in this field of production film France ?

In the pre-production process, we begin by analyzing your project and setting a preliminary budget level. After this, we can move forward to the search of the right location to shoot your movie if needs be. We are able to travel and do investigative research and physical visit to look for the perfect place which might meet your goal. We’ll give detailed photos and video of the convenient places both in terms of aesthetic and logistic considerations. After that, if the project is confirmed, we deal about the registration of the confirmation of the possibilities for the shooting of your production film France.

Also, if you don’t bring aboard your department heads, we can organize the right team for you (for example we can audition talents like a mixer, a production designer, actors…). In fact, making film needs not only budget but also talent. ‘Cause there are some filmmakers who mess around with a bad movie producer, mediocre cast, and the result was a disaster flop.

Hiring the good production head and the talented and charismatic actors is thus one of the challenging aspects in the filmmaking process. That’s why we help you find the good casting. Besides, we are experienced with working with celebrities. Also, renting equipment can also be a difficult experience for you since rental houses requires insurance. But with our network of specialized rental companies, we can find the necessary video production equipment at a best rate. We can help also about procurement of the clothes and wardrobes for principal talent and background. Finally, we can help too with “stuff” like filming permits, copyrights, custom clearance, transport and accommodation etc. For information, we have a list of “production friendly” hotels.

What about this tax credit ?

Tax credit or tax rebate is made to improve tax incentives for foreign films produced in France. This rule gives right to filmmakers to have up to 10 million euros in tax rebates. Big budget films particularly benefit from it. To get this, you can work with our production film France. We’ll file the application and send it to the CNC. But to qualify for this tax rebate, your project must be a live-action, spend a certain amount in expenditures and pass the cultural test designed for VFX animation. You can check details about this in our tax rebate page. Note that even if your project does not meet some of the requirements, if it is a feature, a series, a short film etc. with 15 % of the shoots digitally processed, you still have the right to get this tax rebate.