Film production France

Film production France

France is a beautiful country offering breath-taking landscapes, mountains, rivers, lakes and a unique environment. And Paris is a romantic and cosmopolitan city ideal for a great shooting. Moreover, if you plan to make a movie in this country, your project can qualify for the tax rebate of 30 % if you work with a production service France.

What do we provide as a production service France ?

Our company based in Paris produces feature films, TV shows, short films, high-quality photos and videos for brand-building… We can also help you connected with a vast network of professionals in the film industry such as directors, photographers, creative, stylists, actors, models, artists and more. We’ll work with you to find out what is the best for your project and your budget with the budgeting process. Then we’ll hold your hand on the way and help you to get the tax rebate, to find the places of location, to organize the casting, to obtain film authorizations. To make your film an outstanding movie, we can also provide the necessary audiovisual equipment, the wardrobe and help you with the issues of accommodation and food with our list of “production friendly” hotels. If you’re worried about copyrights, special insurance, customs clearance… our production service France can also deal with these elements.

Concerning the tax rebate which rose from 30 % from January 2016, the eligibility to this incentive depends on these criteria:

– this tax credit is offered to any feature movie or cinema in the categories of fiction, animation, or documentary which highlights French locations, crew, landmarks, landscapes.

-the production must spend a minimum of 250 000 euros, but production spending half of their budget in France are also eligible to it.

-the project must be shot for a minimum of 5 days in France.

This mechanism aims to attract foreign producers to shoot in France. Get in touch if you want to know more about this tax credit.

Why is pre-scouting location and casting important in a filmmaking process?

The greatest films in the cinema history have a unique setting. During the pre-production process, the film producer or the company production service usually makes an extensive search to find the proper location for the story. They take notes of the ambient sound and see if the light changes across the day. They check also the time when it gets dark, the quietness of the environment, the accessibility of the place and the existence of noises of traffic, pollution… These elements can affect the quality of the sounds and the video. Also, hiring the right crew in the right place is an important aspect. The actor should fit the character and the role of the movie. That is to say, he must get into the character properly and be flexible, cordial and talented to make a film a success. So if you do not bring your own casting, our production service France can help you choose the right one par script.