Service production

Service production

Creating video is a proven method to attract potential customers and maximize sales. But films can pull in audiences, get them excited about your story and help you generate million dollars. We know that seems a bit exaggerated but it is possible with a good screenplay, and our service production concept creation and final cut. We specialize in the conception of feature films, TV series, commercials, photo shoots and more.

Our service production options in Paris.

Films and videos engage a massive amount of time, finance and toil. Short films cost less and if it’s a bust, you are likely to make another one again. That’s why many starters build their portfolio and attract financers with short ones first, before jumping to feature. But whether you have a vision of producing a TV series, short promotional video, design or event video, a feature, or a photo shooting set in the heart of France, you can rely on our skill and service production. We can make a good film perfectly tailored to your needs and your desires. Presently, our location enables us to move and travel to the neighborhood of Paris and to Provence. But sooner, other locations such as Normandy, Corsica, Loire shall be available. We handle many aspects of filming such as the analysis your budget, the search for the right film location or the setting the right casting to portray a role. Securing permission to shoot a feature and providing the necessary audiovisual equipment for your filming at the best price are also part of our services. Filming is not only our job, it’s our passion.

Why is pre-production important in a filmmaking process ?

Dealing all about the aspects of storyboarding, budgeting, location finding, costuming and casting hiring are essential in the success of a feature. If it’s just a promotional video or photo, you don’t need all this. We help you launch or showcase your business in its best light with our shooting. But when we talk about a film meant for entertainment, it needs more implication and proper planning. So, it is crucial to analyze the project structure to see if it does not go over budget knowing that unexpected turns and expenses might occur during film production. Thus, after analyzing your story and plot points, we propose the most efficient solutions for your budget. Going to the location and observing the ambient light, the environment for the shooting is also vital to choose the right setting for the script. But this service production is not enough. We help you too to get location permits from the local authorities and landowners. If it is not released it would be a disaster. Finding the right actors and scouting a personality who shall be involved in the production is also one of our tasks. You might need this service if you don’t bring your own casting. For a good quality movie, it is not recommended to cut costs with this matter. Finally, we can assist you also with wardrobe, equipment, transport and accommodation of the crew members, copyrights, insurance, contracts and post-production process.