Film production France

Film production France

Making a film is pretty easy. You use your smartphone, get your friends together during a party, make the video and it’s done. But nothing guarantees success for your animation even if there are millions of people making money on youtube with home-made movie. If your purpose is to produce a credible movie with a high quality of lighting and audio, it is essential to call upon the service of a professional film production France.

An overview of the landscape of film production France.

Even if French cinema cannot keep up with Hollywood blockbusters, France is the birthplace of moving pictures. This honor is consolidated by the Cannes festival. The inventors of the cinematograph, a discovery dating back in 1895 are Frenchmen. At that time, the aptly baptized Lumières brothers project an image on to a wall of a café in France. This device permits the recording of images on a moving animation. Before the First World War, France dominated the film industry but by the time the peace was restored before the Second World War, French cinema lags a way behind American production. The predominant genres at that time were literary adaptations like “les Misérables”. Other successful movie like “la règle de jeu” stands out in the 30’s. The French film movement in the late 50’s and 60’s encloses many categories like drama, comedy, thriller and there were a wave of actors like Jean- Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot… This generation of film producers called The French new wave has a style that sets them apart since they believe filmmaking is an art not just a glitzy show and a director is an artist. Nowadays, there are some companies specializing in film production France. Many of them try to produce high-quality and striking video productions that engage viewers and inspire actions.

What are our services as a film production company?

Filmmaking process involves 3 steps : pre-production, filming, and post filming. The production company can be the co-financing company and the distributor of the film in some big projects. The first step concerns features like budgeting, scouting location, hiring cast and crew, obtaining equipment and wardrobe, obtaining filming permits… The filming stage concerns the shooting during which there can be hundreds persons hired to do the film. The last step includes distribution and marketing. We can assist with all these stages though we specialize in the pre-production process. We can also do branded content and photo shoots.

Besides, as a company based in Paris offering services of film production France, you can also maximize your tax advantages when working with us. That is if you meet the criteria for obtaining the incentives. Films shot in France like Wonder woman 2017 benefits from this TRIP 30 %. The feature, vfx or short film eligible to this tax rebate must pass the cultural test and spend 50 % of its total budget in France. The other criterion of eligibility to this tax rebate is a minimum of five days of local shooting in France.