Production film Paris

Production film Paris

The filmmaking process begins after screenplay writing. The major tasks cover scouting location, setting up the company who produces the film, hiring the equipment, dealing about the art department and the customs, securing permits, getting contracts… Meanwhile, a filmmaker should deal also about refining his budget. This checklist needs the help of a production film Paris to make things perfect.

Focus on the development phase of your project with a production film Paris.

In the past centuries, filmmakers can make films with a simple camera and a script. Nowadays, there are superior camera allowing you to shoot a scene from a drone to produce an excellent quality picture and great sound. And today, to produce a big professional shooting, you will need also a tripod, a shotgun microphone, a wireless microphone, a portable digital audio recorder, a light reflector, headphones…The high acceleration of technology makes the film industry highly competitive. So, if you want to capture/broadcast professional quality sound or video sound, our production film paris can provide the necessary equipment for you. You can rely also on us for time-consuming stuff like casting and scouting location. Since identifying the primary character element and getting the right actors is one of the keys of achieving a masterpiece, we can help you with this matter. Thanks to our network of celebrities and crew members, we can pick the talented cast you can afford and who would love to work on your project. If you don’t have a location manager, we are also glad to help you with scouting shooting location and booking the best option with your approval. Our task includes securing permits and securing insurance too. Note that some fantastic areas in France require permits. This gives access to places free of charge and provides free police assistance and parking privileges.

How to produce a film ?

You may be interested in this subject if you dream about helping people to land to a place they’ve never been before. In fact filming is an art. It is meant to entertain, to inform, to move persons emotionally and to make money! But if you are a first-time producer working on a tight budget, do not compare your project to blockbusters of Hollywood. If you think you can make a lot of money with car crashes and a scene with explosion of a plane or a fighter jet, keep in mind that your budget will not fit with your budgetary constraints. So, firstly you need to have a realistic business plan. That means looking for an “amazing” script which fit your budget and searching for the investors who have the majority of the ownership on the project. We can help you with the analysis of the project and the script and give you the most suitable solutions for your budget. Our service of production film paris can help also with the next steps which are hiring the director, the photographers, the creatives, the crew, the key cast, the actors… and providing gear. Lastly, we can also assist you with the full logistical support services and the post production.