Production films Paris

Production films Paris

Paris is one of the beautiful countries in the world. It is a perfect cocktail of famous museums and monuments, Michelin-starred restaurants, nightclubs, parks, catacombs and more. Shooting a film about this city can guarantee a success. Our production films Paris offers a range of services from scouting location, permits, casting, transport and more to meet your needs.

What can our production film Paris offer to you ?

To begin with, everyone agrees that a compelling story produces a successful movie theater. When people cry, giggle, flinch, feel upset or have intense experiences when looking at a film, it is not likely a flop. This success depends on many aspects like the script, the plot, the location, the lead roles or the team, the quality of audiovisual equipment and the post-production services. Our production films Paris’ tasks start with budgeting to make sure that the production will not run over budget. The evaluation of the correct budget required for the project is essential. We help you choose the most cost-effective solutions according to your finance.

Making movie is not as easy as it seems since you need also to look for the right crew, talent and resources so that the film could inspire and interest people. If you don’t bring your own crew, we can deal about this casting process. It is as important as the choice of the locations of the story. As a production film Paris, we know all about the perfect setting in the heart of the city and our team can visit and snap some photos to help you see the environment. We deal also about permissions for shooting a film. To give you time to think about the business plan for selling the movie, we can also assist you with the rental of camera, wardrobe… at the best price. Food, transportation and accommodation are also important. Our list of “production friendly” hotels helps you save a certain amount of money. Know also that as a foreign producer who shoots a film/vfx work in France, you can benefit from the tax rebate for international production of 30 % if you contract a French company to do the shooting.

What are the different stages of a movie-making process ?

Making a film needs to follow the following process. First, there is the pre-production process. Someone gets a story with the plot, the conflict and characters and write it down in a script and make a storyboard. Then he calls on a company to handle the scouting, the shooting, the equipment, the procurement of wardrobe, the legal agreements and so on. You can get in touch with our production films Paris with this matter. Next, there is the production or filming stage where we can assist you with the framing, the recording, the control of the sounds… This needs a particular attention and a lot of time in order to create a top-notch film. Finally, there is the post-production process. Organizing an edit and sharing the version of your film is as important as the other process.