Production services France

Production services France

If you are interested in making a film or a feature, first you have to keep in mind that it should be financially feasible and that the final product would look professional and marketable. It means that the screenplay must be exciting and not considered flawed. So, if you don’t know how to analyze your project and its script, you can call on our production services France. We can help you too in various aspects of filmmaking process as you’re going to see in this article.

The checklist of our production services France.

Now, supposing you are able to get money and find the prospective investors for you movie project made in France. The next step is looking for people who have experience in production film. For that, you can reach out to our platform. These are the list of things we can do to help you get started in this environment:

– Analysis of the project and the screenplay : we can make adjustments to set it to the production requirements standards and to your budget.

-Financial incentives : After altering the script to cut costs, we can help you deal about the tax rebate. This incentive is to help maintaining the climate of France’s production competitive. This allows foreign filmmakers and TV industry to shoot anywhere in the country and thus, creating jobs for local workers. You can glean on our tax rebate page to discover all about this production services France.

-location scouting : we can look for an interior and exterior that fit your project and camera. We have the knowledge of many areas all around the country and we’ll send you wide angle photos and video on request so that you can see if it works for you or not. Then, we’ll get the permit for the filming if the location is confirmed.

-picking the lead actors and the casting of the film : if you don’t bring your own crew, our staff of production services France are able to organize the absolute best to work for your project in order to make your screen performance great. We have also experience in working with many movie stars and celebrities.

-assistance with the art department and wardrobe : we can assist with the process of dressing actors and backgrounds according to your instructions.

-providing quality equipment at the best price : through our network or specialized rental companies, we can handle the equipment and gear rental for your shooting at the most affordable rate.

-copyrights, custom clearance, special insurance… : we can also deal with this matter of laws and regulations in all transparency.

Why should you choose our platform service ?

Technical expertise and solid working understanding of the field of filmmaking process is a must when you need to use a production services France. We have been providing logistics and full line productions for movies for the past 2 decades. Our team consists of professional, flexible and having decisive problem-solving and good communication skills. Feel free to contact us !